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Portal Destaque Turístico

CNPJ: 26.233.609/0001-02
R. Raimundo Oliveira Filho, 860
Papicu - Fortaleza - Ceará
CEP 60.175-175

(85) 98181-8282 Vivo

Fortaleza – Canoa Quebrada – Mossoró – Martins – Sousa – Lajedo do Pai Mateus – Campina Grande – Praia de Cabedelo – Praia de Pipa – Natal

12 days / 11 nights
Get to know a fantastic itinerary visiting unimaginable places of the Northeast in a trip back in time, passing by archeological sites (Lajedo de Soledade and Pedra do Ingá) and paleontological (Sousa), enjoy the pleasant climate of the mountains in Martins and Porta Alegre and places where the imagination goes much further than Lajedo do Pai Mateus not to mention the "Roliude Nordestina" where several films were made. After this incredible trip through the interior of these states nothing better than to rest on the beautiful beaches of Cabedelo and Pipa.


1st DAY: Fortaleza
Arrival at Fortaleza International Airport, transfer to hotel chosen for check IN. Rest of the day at leisure.

2nd DAY: Fortaleza - Canoa Quebrada Beach
Depart in the morning to visit the Port of Dunes and Beach Park, then head towards Prainha beach and the beaches of Prison, Iguape, Barro Preto, Balbino, Batoque, Caponga and Águas Belas (crossing the Malcozinhado River). we continue our tour knowing the beaches of Barra Velha, Barra Nova and the beautiful beach of Morro Branco (stop to walk through the labyrinth of cliffs), we continue our walk along the coast knowing the beaches of Fontes, Diogo, Uruaú, Barra da Sucatinga, Piquiri , Ariós, Prainha do Canto Verde, Paraíso and Parajuru from where we will follow the CE 040 toward the Canoa Quebrada beach, lodging at the chosen hotel / lodge. Free night.

3rd DAY: Canoa Quebrada Beach - Mossoró
We continue our tour knowing the beaches of the eastern coast of Ceará, passing through the beaches of Majorlândia, Quixaba, Lagoa do Mato, Fontainha, Retiro Grande, Ponta Grossa, Redonda beach, Peroba beach, Barreiras, Barrinha and Icapuí. city ​​to later continue to know the beaches of Quitérias, Tremembés, Melancias, Peixe Gordo, Manibu and Ceará beach (last beach of the east coast of Ceará). We then continue to visit the Potiguar coast, passing by the beaches of Tibau from where we continue along an asphalted road to Mossoró, known for its thermal pools and its wealth of oil extraction, we will be staying at the Hotel Termas where we can enjoy a relaxing bath in its thermal pools. Free night.

4th DAY: Mossoró - Apodi - Martins
Departure in the morning following the BR 405 towards the city of Apodi, 90 km far where we will know Lajedo de Soledade with important archaeological and paleontological sites. Then we continue our journey towards the city of Martins with its mild climate and bucolic air, inlaid on the top of the Apodi Mountain. Overnight at one of the welcoming inns in the area.

5th DAY: Martins - Sousa
In the morning we continue to visit the main tourist and natural attractions of the region passing through the city of Martins and the communities of Umarizal, Patu, Lucrécia, Almino Afonso, Frutuoso Gomes, we continue our tour towards the municipality of SOUSA in Paraíba where we will spend the night. Free night.

6th DAY: Sousa - Lajedo do Pai Mateus
Early morning departure towards the Park of Dinosaurs, considered one of the largest archaeological sites in Brazil, the park occupies an area of ​​40ha where fossilized footprints of more than 80 species of animals, most of them carnivorous dinosaurs, were observed. In the afternoon we follow the federal highway BR 230 towards the municipality of Cabaçeiras where the Lajedo do Pai Mateus is located, an immense granite sea that stands out in the local landscape with dozens of blocks that for thousands of years served as habitat for the Indians that left their marks, we will visit the "Saca de Lã", which are several blocks arranged on top of each other in a way that doubts if there was no human hand there. As if that were not enough, at the top of the set formed by rectangular stones a ball of granite defies who dares to explain the work. A beautiful lake formed by the rainy waters completes the scenery. Overnight at Hotel Fazenda do Pai Mateus.

7th DAY: Lajedo do Pai Mateus - Cabaceiras - Campina Grande
Departure in the morning visiting the natural attractions of Pai Mateus, in the afternoon we head towards Cabaceiras, known for being the "Northeastern Ritual", the stage of more than 38 works of cinema, among them the "Auto da Compadecida" by Ariano Suassuna, great national success, then we went to Campina Grande, the northeastern capital of Forró, an obligatory stop at the Luiz Gonzaga Museum (considered the greatest representative of the Northeastern musicality), overnight in Campina Grande. Free night.

8th DAY: Campina Grande - Ingá - Cabedelo Beach
In the morning we continue along the BR 230 towards the municipality of Ingá, which is known for its stone inscriptions made by stones, probably by the Indians, long before the Europeans reached the American continent. It has not yet been possible to decipher the meaning of such inscriptions. In the afternoon we will continue towards Cabedelo Beach, located in the metropolitan area of ​​João Pessoa. At the end of the day we will follow the sunset to the sound of Bolero de Ravel at the mouth of the river Paraíba. Free night.

9th DAY: Cabedelo Beach - Pipa Beach
In the morning we will take a walk knowing a little of the history and culture of this beautiful Paraibana beach, we will visit the Fortress of Santa Catarina, located on the beach of Santa Catarina, where there is the meeting of the Paraíba River with the Atlantic Ocean, known as the "pororoca da paraibana ", Then we continue to know the Paraibano coast and its beautiful beaches, we cross to the southern coast of Rio Grande do Norte to the famous Pipa Beach. Free night.

10th day: Pipa
Free day at Pipa Beach, a place of pure magic, Pipa awakens the attention and the heart of who visits it, from the time when pirates of all nationalities disembarked in search of Brazil wood. Surrounded by imposing cliffs still covered by the Atlantic Forest, frequented by dolphins and turtles. We will take a tour of Schooner of the Adventurer that will take you comfortably in the most beautiful Boat Ride, dive with the dolphins and get to know the Beach of Curral, Bay of the Dolphins and the Stone that originated the name of the Beach of the Pipa. Returning to the place of departure with the tide leaking. Free night.

11th DAY: Pipa - Natal
Free morning, check out hotel / hostel and transfer to the city of Natal, check IN hotel / lodge chosen. Free night.

12th DAY: Christmas
In the morning city-historical cultural tour through the city of Natal, in the afternoon check OUT hotel / hostel and transfer to Natal International Airport. End of our services.

Package Included:
11 night stay with breakfast in apt. SINGLE, DOUBLE or TRIPLE according to customer's choice in Fortaleza, Canoa Quebrada, Mossoró, Martins, Sousa, Lajedo do Pai Mateus, Campina Grande, Cabedelo Beach, Pipa Beach and Natal;
On-board service (water);
Full-time Travel Assistant support;
Ecological walk through the "Labyrinth of Cliffs" on Morro Branco Beach;
Off-road tour through the dunes of Uruaú;
Off road tour through the dunes of Canoa Quebrada Beach;
Entrance to Thermas de Mossoró;
Visit to the Lajedo do Apodi (RN);
Visit the cave of Martins (RN);
Entrance to Vale dos Dinosaurs National Park (PB);
Visit to the Lajedo do Pai Mateus (PB);
Visit to Pedra do Ingá (PB);
Boat trip on the Dolphin Bay on Pipa Beach;
Entrance and guided tour of the Fort of the Magi in Natal;
Transfer OUT in Natal;

Not Included in Package:
Lunches and dinners;
Any possible personal expenses;
Extra trips not described in the itinerary.

Other information:
Try to wear light and comfortable clothes, not forgetting the hat and the sun block;
In some parts of the off road trip the route can be made by secondary roads and asphalt;
Try to take your medicines, because in some places there are no pharmacies;
Always cooperate with the guide / driver following all directions;
Not recommended for people who have recently undergone surgery, who are incapacitating or extremely allergic to insects and food;
Programming subject to change without notice.

Cancellation Policy and Returns
(in accordance with Normative Resolution No. 161 of August 9, 1985, of the Ministry of Tourism)

The percentage value to be refunded will be:
90% up to 31 days from the start of the trip;
80% from 21 to 30 days from the start of the trip;
0% to 80% less than 20 days from the start of the trip.