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Portal Destaque Turístico

CNPJ: 26.233.609/0001-02
R. Raimundo Oliveira Filho, 860
Papicu - Fortaleza - Ceará
CEP 60.175-175

(85) 98181-8282 Vivo

Natal – São Miguel do Gostoso – Galinhos – Ponta do Mel – Canoa Quebrada – Fortaleza – Jericoacoara – Parnaíba – Barreirinhas – São Luís

13 days - 12 nights
A tour of the beauties of the Northeast of Brazil, knowing the coast of the States of Rio Grande do Norte, Ceará, Piauí and Maranhão, we started our tour starting from the beautiful city of Natal, knowing the entire west coast, passing wonderful beaches and incredible places like Genipabu beach with its white dunes, Maracajaú with its formations of parrachos, São Miguel do Gostoso with its calm and tranquility, Ponta do Mel, a picturesque place of simple people. We continue through the State of Ceará passing by the beaches of Ponta Grossa, Canoa Quebrada, Praia das Fontes, Morro Branco, Lagoinha, Guajiru, Mundaú and Jericoacoara, one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, then we continue along the west coast knowing the Delta of Parnaíba and finally we continue to the Lençóis Maranhenses and its beautiful formations of dunes and crystalline lagoons. We finished our tour in São Luís, a UNESCO heritage city with its colonial mansions and its lush culture.


1th DAY: Christmas
Arrival at Natal International Airport, transfer to your chosen hotel. Rest of the day at leisure.

2th DAY: Christmas - São Miguel do Gostoso
Departure in the morning knowing the beaches of Redinha, Santa Rita and Genipabu where we embark on buggies in a ride full of emotion by the dunes and beaches of the region, we will know the beaches of Barra do Rio, Grançandu, Pitangui and Jacumã from where we continue to the lagoon of same name, ideal place for aerobunda practice. Then we continue our off-road tour through the beaches of Muriú, Maxaranguape (where we can visit the Cabo de São Roque, point of the Brazilian coast closest to Africa and the Tree of Love), Caraúbas, Maracajaú (known for the parrachos, 6 km from the coast, excellent place for diving), Pititinga, Zumbi, Rio do Fogo, Herons, Bulls, Heel, Cajueiro and São Miguel do Gostoso. A beautiful cove with stones on fine clear sand, lodging in one of its cozy inns. Free night.

3th DAY: São Miguel do Gostoso - Galinhos
We left as the tide followed the Potiguar coast knowing the beaches of Reduto, Tourinhos, Morros, Marco (where the first landmark of the discovery of Brazil was set), Exu Queimado, Ponta dos Três Irmãos, Caiçara, Galos and Galinhos, quiet with a typical village of fishermen and a welcoming people, lodging in a beautiful inn. Free night.

4th DAY: Galinhos - Ponta do Mel
Departing in the morning, traversing the trails through the salt mines and small villages of the region, we then continue along paved roads passing BR - 406, Estrada do Óleo and RN 118 to the beach of Ponta do Mel, passing through the beaches of Porto do Mangue, Pedra Grande Beach and the dunes of Rosado, check IN inn. Free night.

5th DAY: Ponta do Mel - Canoa Quebrada
Departure in the morning along the beaches of São Cristóvão, Redonda, Morro Pintado, Baixa Grande and Upanema, then we will continue to the municipality of Areia Branca where we will cross the Mossoró River and disembark in the municipality of Grossos. We continue our tour knowing the beaches of Pernambuquinho, Areias Alvas, Gado Bravo, Manuelas and the beach of Tibau (last beach of the west coast of Potiguar). Afterwards, we continue to know the beaches of the eastern coast of the State of Ceará, beginning with the beaches of Manibu, Peixe Gordo, Melancias, Tremembé, Quitérias, Icapuí, Barrinha, Baroba, Peroba, Redondas and Ponta Grossa. beaches of Retiro Grande, Fontainha, Lagoa do Mato, Quixaba, Majorlândia and Canoa Quebrada, check IN in the chosen hostel. Free night.

6th DAY: Canoa Quebrada - Fortaleza
Exit as the tide follows the eastern coast of Ceará, visiting the beaches of Parajuru, Paraíso, Prainha do Canto Verde, Ariós, Piquiri, Barra da Sucatinga, Uruaú (walk through the dunes of Uruaú), followed by Praia das Fontes and Praia de Morro White (stop for lunch), ecological walk knowing the Labyrinth of Cliffs. Then we continue to visit the beaches of Barra Velha, Barra Nova, Águas Belas, Caponga, Balbino, Batoque, Barro Preto, Iguape, Prison, Prainha beach and Porto das Dunas beach. Arrival at Fortaleza and transfer to your chosen hotel. Free night.

7th DAY: Fortaleza - Jericoacoara
Departure in the morning knowing several beaches, among the main ones are the beaches of Icaraí, Cumbuco, Barra do Rio Cauipe, Pecém, Taiba, Paracuru, Lagoinha, Guajiru and Flexeiras (lunch stop). After a brief rest we continue to the beach of Mundaú, where we can enjoy its beautiful dunes and cross the river Mundaú in a rustic wooden ferry, then continue our tours knowing the beaches of Whale, Apiques, Inferno and Icaraí de Amontada from where we follow by dirt roads and state highways towards Praia do Prea from where we continue along the beach to the village of Jericoacoara, lodging at the chosen hotel / lodge. Free night.

8th DAY: Jericoacoara
Departure in the morning crossing the National Park of Jericoacoara passing by the beach of Preá to Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Paraíso. Free day to enjoy the charms and wonders that these two lagoons provide us. Return to Jericoacoara at the end of the afternoon where we will enjoy the sunset. Free night.

9th DAY: Jericoacoara - Parnaíba
Departure in the morning towards the beach of Mangue Seco, the village of Guriú, where we cross the mouth of the Guriú River and the mangrove around it, the ruins of Old Tatajuba, Praia da Moréia, with the highlight of the funnel dune, the Praia das Imburanas and Ilha do Amor Beach, where we cross the Coreaú River to the town of Camocim. After a short stop we continue on BR 402 towards Parnaíba - PI. After lunch we continue to the Tatus Harbor, located on Ilha Grande de Santa Isabel, where we embark on speedboats for a trip through the Parnaíba River Delta, the only one of the Americas on the open sea. Let's know the ebb and flow, enjoy wildlife and watch a beautiful sunset. Then we continue back to the city of Parnaíba, where we will spend the night. Free night.

10th DAY: Parnaíba - Barreirinhas
Departure in the morning following federal and state roads, passing through several cities to the municipality of Paulino Neves, where after a brief stop we followed through the magnificent dunes of the small Lençóis Maranhenses until the Beach of Caburé, a small strip of land between the Ocean Atlantic and Rio Preguiças, where we will have lunch. Then we will take a speedboat through the Preguiças river, glimpsing the rich mangrove forest and the exuberant fauna of the region, visit the Mandacaru Lighthouse, where we have a privileged view of the luxuriant nature around us, and the small village of Vassouras; then we continue our tour until the municipality of Barreirinhas, gateway of the Great Lençóis Maranhenses, overnight in Barreirinhas. Free night.

11th DAY: Barreirinhas
Free morning in Barreirinhas, in the afternoon we head to the National Park of the Great Lençóis Maranhenses, visiting the lagoons amidst the vastness of white dunes, we can enjoy a fantastic sunset on the top of Lençóis dunes. Return and overnight in Barreirinhas. Free night.

12th DAY: Barreirinhas - São Luís
Departure in the morning by private vehicle towards the city of São Luís, the journey time is approximately 3-4 hours, arrival and transfer to your chosen hotel. Free night.

13th DAY: São Luís
Departure in the morning in a historical and cultural city tour, enjoying all the beauty and culture of the beautiful city of São Luís. Afternoon check out / hotel and airport transfer. End of our services.

Package Included:
12 night stay with breakfast in apt. SINGLE, DOUBLE or TRIPLE according to the option chosen in comfortable hotels / inns with private bathroom, air conditioning and hot showers in Natal,.
Check IN Natal Airport / hostel / hotel;
Buggy ride through the dunes of Genipabu;
Walk off the Dunes of Rosado;
Drive off the dunes of Canoa Quebrada;
Ride off the Uruaú dunes;
Ecological hike to the Morro Branco Cliff Labyrinth;
Ecological walk to the Boulder;
Off-road trip to Lagoas Azul and Paraíso;
Boat trip on the Guriú River (seahorses ride)
Off-road ride to Mangue Seco and Tatajuba Beach;
Boat ride through the Parnaíba River Delta;
Boat ride along the Preguiças River;
Drive in 4 × 4 vehicle through the National Park of the Great Lençóis;
Transfer in private vehicle Barreirinha / São Luís;
City tour historical / cultural in São Luís;
Transfer OUT in São Luís;
On-board service (water);
Full-time Travel Assistant support;

Not Included in Package:
Lunch or dinner;
Any possible personal expenses;
Extra trips not described in the itinerary.
Other information:
Try to wear light and comfortable clothes, not forgetting the hat and the sun block;
In some parts of the off road trip the route can be made by secondary roads and asphalt;
Try to take your medicines, because in some places there are no pharmacies;
Always cooperate with the guide / driver following all directions;
Not recommended for people who have recently undergone surgery, who are incapacitating or extremely allergic to insects and food;
Programming subject to change without notice.

Cancellation Policy and Returns
(in accordance with Normative Resolution No. 161 of August 9, 1985, of the Ministry of Tourism)

The percentage value to be refunded will be:
90% up to 31 days from the start of the trip;
80% from 21 to 30 days from the start of the trip;
0% to 80% less than 20 days from the start of the trip.