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Portal Destaque Turístico

CNPJ: 26.233.609/0001-02
R. Raimundo Oliveira Filho, 860
Papicu - Fortaleza - Ceará
CEP 60.175-175

(85) 98181-8282 Vivo

Fortaleza – Praia de Guajiru – Praia de Jericoacoara – Camocim – Barra Grande – Ilha das Canárias – Caburé – Atins – Barreirinha – Santo Amaro – São Luís

13 days - 12 nights
A complete off road route for those people who want to discover all the beauties and wonders that exist between the west coast of Ceará, the coast of Piauí and Maranhão, in this tour we will visit isolated communities and places of rare beauty little known, regions where the electric light has not yet arrived, a hospitable people and incredible stories. Our script goes in search of adventure and stunning landscapes that will leave anyone in awe.


1st DAY: Fortaleza
Arrival at the International Airport of Fortaleza, transfer to the hotel chosen to check IN. Rest of the day at leisure.

2st DAY: Fortaleza - Guajiru
Departure in the morning crossing the city of Fortaleza in the west direction, passing by the Ceará River Bridge and the beaches of Icaraí, Tabuba and arriving at the beach of Cumbuco where we embark for a buggy tour knowing the dunes of the region with stop at the Lagoon of Parnamirim, Banana Lagoon and Barra do Cauipé, then we will continue on our 4 × 4 vehicle, knowing the west coast of Ceará, passing the beaches of Pecém, Taíba and Paracuru (stop for lunch), then we go to Lagoinha beach, Lagoa das Almecegas and the beach of Guajiru where we will spend the night, free night.

3rd DAY: Guajiru - Jericoacoara
We continue our tour along the Cearense coast knowing the beaches of Flexeiras, Emboaca, Mundaú (crossing the Mundaú River on a rustic wooden ferry), Baleia beach, Apiques, Inferno and Icaraí de Amontada. From here we continue along paved roads passing through the townships of Itarema, Acaraú and Cruz, we continue along trails and dirt roads to the beach of Preá, we return our way along the coast to the village of Jericoacoara, overnight in one of the comfortable inns of the village , free night.

4th DAY: Jericoacoara Beach
Departure in the morning crossing the National Park of Jericoacoara towards the wonderful lagoons Azul and Paraíso, located in the municipality of Jijoca. Free day to enjoy the charms and wonders that these two lagoons provide us. Return to Jericoacoara in the late afternoon where we will enjoy a beautiful sunset. Free night.

5th DAY: Jericoacoara Beach - Camocim
Departure in the morning knowing the beaches of Mangue Seco and Guriu where we will take a boat trip by the mouth of the river knowing its rich mangrove forest and enjoy the beautiful "Sea Horses", then we continue to the buried village of Tatajuba and to the lagoon of Torta . In the afternoon we will follow the tide to the city of Camocim passing by the beaches of Moréia, Praia das Imburanas and the Beach of Ilha do Amor where we will cross the Coreaú River and finally reach the city of Camocim where we will spend the night. Free night.

6th DAY: Camocim - Barra Grande
In the morning we continue towards Barra dos Remédios passing through the beaches of the Lighthouse, Caraúbas and Pontal do Maceió, return in the late morning. In the afternoon we continue by asphalt road towards Barra Grande Beach, located on the border of the States of Ceará and Piauí. The region was recently discovered by sportsmen and nature lovers, bucolic and totally preserved landscapes make it a special place on the northeastern coast.

7th DAY: Barra Grande - Canary Island
Morning free to enjoy and enjoy the tranquility of the region, in the afternoon we continue towards the Tatus Harbor, passing through the city of Parnaíba. The port is located on Santa Isabel Island and is the gateway for those who want to know the Parnaíba Delta, considered the largest delta in the Americas. We will embark on speedboats crossing rivers, waterfalls and streams to the Canary Island, a paradise lost among dunes, rivers and lagoons, overnight on the island.

8th DAY: Canary Island - Caburé - Atins
Departure in the morning by boat, knowing the only Delta of the Americas in the open sea, along the way we can see wildlife and accompany the crab collectors. We then proceed to the Port of Tutóia where our vehicle will be waiting to continue our tour. We follow dirt roads through several villages until we reach the municipality of Paulino Neves - MA from where we will go through the magnificent dunes of the small Lençóis Maranhenses to Caburé Beach, a small strip of land between the Atlantic Ocean and the Preguiças River, embarkation in small boats to make the crossing to the small village of Atins, a village dependent exclusively on fishing and agriculture in the region, where it is possible to live with the simplicity of this hospitable people. Free night.

9th DAY: Atins
In the morning we will drive in a 4 × 4 vehicle to get to know the rich and beautiful lagoons of the region, returning in the afternoon. Rest of the day at leisure.

10th DAY: Atins - Barreirinhas
We continue in the morning on a motorboat ride up the Preguiças River passing through several villages and villages along the promenade, especially the village of Vassouras. Arrival in Barreirinhas and transfer to your chosen hotel / lodge. Free night.

11th DAY: Barreirinhas - Santo Amaro
We follow in the morning in a 4 × 4 vehicle towards the municipality of Santo Amaro, 80 km far from Barreirinhas. Part of the route is made by asphalt and partly by dirt roads, the journey lasts approximately 2 hours. Santo Amaro is known for having the most beautiful landscapes of Lençóis, especially the Lagoons das Gaivotas and Lago da das Emendadas, overnight in Santo Amaro where we can enjoy a fantastic sunset on the top of Lençóis dunes.

12th DAY: Santo Amaro - São Luís
Departure by private vehicle to the city of São Luís, capital of the State of Maranhão. The journey time is approximately 3-4 hours, arrival to São Luís and transfer to your chosen hotel. Free night.

13th DAY: São Luís
We leave in the morning in a city-historical cultural tour through the city of São Luís, in the afternoon check OUT hotel and transfer to the airport. End of our services.

No package included:
12 night stay with breakfast in apt. SINGLE, DOUBLE or TRIPLE according to the option chosen in comfortable hotels / inns in Fortaleza, Guajiru Beach, Jericoacoara Beach, Camocim, Barra Grande Beach, Canarian Island, Atins, Barreirinha, Santo Amaro and São Luís;
On-board service (water);
Full-time Travel Assistant support;
Transfer IN / Fortaleza;
Buggy ride through the dunes of Cumbuco;
Ecological walk to the Boulder;
Off-road trip to Lagoas Azul and Paraíso;
Boat trip knowing the mouth of the river Guríu and the nurseries of the sea horses;
Off-road ride to Mangue Seco and Tatajuba Beach;
Ride off the dunes of Barra dos Remédios;
Boat ride through the Parnaíba River Delta;
Transfer by boat from the Canary Island to the Port of Tutóia;
Transfer by boat from Praia de Caburé to the village of Atins;
Boat ride along the Preguiças River;
Transfer in private 4 × 4 vehicle from Barreirinhas to Santo Amaro;
Tour the Lagoons of the Gulls and the Mended in Santo Amaro;
Transfer in private 4 × 4 vehicle from Santo Amaro to Barreirinhas;
Historic cultural city tour through the city of São Luís;
Transfer OUT in São Luís;

Not Included in Package:
Lunches and dinners;
Any possible personal expenses;
Extra trips not described in the itinerary.

Other information:
Try to wear light and comfortable clothes, not forgetting the hat and the sun block;
In some parts of the off road trip the route can be made by secondary roads and asphalt;
Try to take your medicines, because in some places there are no pharmacies;
Always cooperate with the guide / driver following all directions;
Not recommended for people who have recently undergone surgery, who are incapacitating or extremely allergic to insects and food;
Programming subject to change without notice.

Cancellation Policy and Returns
(in accordance with Normative Resolution No. 161 of August 9, 1985, of the Ministry of Tourism)

The percentage value to be refunded will be:
90% up to 31 days from the start of the trip;
80% from 21 to 30 days from the start of the trip;
0% to 80% less than 20 days from the start of the trip.