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Portal Destaque Turístico

CNPJ: 26.233.609/0001-02
R. Raimundo Oliveira Filho, 860
Papicu - Fortaleza - Ceará
CEP 60.175-175

(85) 98181-8282 Vivo

Fortaleza – Canoa Quebrada – Galinhos – Maracajaú – Pipa – João Pessoa – Porto de Galinhas – Recife

10 days / 09 nights
Off Road tour along the coast, knowing the most beautiful beaches of Northeast Brazil through 4 states (Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Pernambuco), a tour full of surprises and incredible places full of natural and historical beauties. Excursions on deserted beaches, buggy rides, coral reef dives and hike through trails are part of the tour.


1st day: Fortaleza
Arrival at Fortaleza International Airport, transfer to your chosen hotel, check IN, rest of the day free.

2nd DAY: Fortaleza - Canoa Quebrada
Departure in the morning towards the east coast of Ceará, we begin our tour knowing the beaches of Iguape, Barro Preto, Balbino, Batoque, Caponga, Águas Belas (crossing the Malcozinhado River), Barra Velha, Barra Nova and the beautiful beach of Morro Branco (stop to walk through the labyrinth of cliffs), we continue our walk along the coast knowing the beach of Fontes, Diogo, Uruaú, Barra da Sucatinga, Piquiri, Ariós, Prainha do Canto Verde, Paraíso and Parajuru. From this point on, we follow the CE 040 toward Canoa Quebrada Beach, lodging at the chosen hotel / lodge. Free night.

3rd DAY: Canoa Quebrada - Galinhos
Departure in the morning, visiting the beaches Majorlândia, Quixaba, Lagoa do Mato, Fontainha, Retiro Grande and Ponta Grossa (a crescent-shaped beach with colorful cliffs and a small fishing village formed by descendants of Dutch castaways), Redonda beach, Peroba , Barrinhas, Barrinha and Icapuí (where we will make the outline of the city), then we continue along the beaches of Quitérias, Tremembés, Melancias, Peixe Gordo, Manibu and Ceará beach (last beach of the eastern coast of Ceará). We then continue to the Potiguar coast, passing by the beaches of Tibau, Manuela, Gado Bravo and Areias Alvas, from where we continue to the municipality of Grossos (crossing the Mossoró River towards the city of Areia Branca), we continue along paved road passing by the beach Ponta do Mel (lunch stop), Rosado dunes, Mangue Port, then we continue along paved roads passing through the municipalities of Pendências and Alto do Rodrigues, we will follow the "Estrada do Óleo" in a stretch of approximately 85km until we reach the great salinas of the Costa Blanca from where we followed by trails crossing the several farms of shrimps to the beach of Galinhos, lodging in the chosen hostel. Free night.

4th DAY: Galinhos - Maracajaú
Departure according to the tide following the coast of Potiguar knowing the beaches of Galos, Caiçara, Ponta dos Três Irmãos, Enxu Queimado, Marco, Morros, Tourinhos, Reduto, São Miguel do Gostoso (stop for lunch), Bullring, Ponta do Calcanhar beach (where the Calcanhar lighthouse is located, one of the largest in the world), Garças beach, Perobas, Rio do Fogo beach and Maracajaú beach, known for the parrachos (reef formation 6 km from the coast , excellent place for diving), check IN at the chosen hostel. Free night.

5th DAY: Maracajaú - Pipa
In the morning we will take a quick boat to the parrachos, located 6km from the coast, then continue our tour of the coast of the Potiguar, knowing the beaches of Caraúbas, Maxaranguape beach (where the Cape of São Roque is located, point of the Brazilian coast nearest to Africa), then we continue along paved roads towards the beach of Genipabu where we will take a buggy ride through the beautiful dunes of the region. In the afternoon we continue crossing the city of Natal toward the beach of Pipa, check IN at the chosen hostel. Free night.

6th DAY: Pipa - João Pessoa
We continue our off-road tour along the south coast of Brazil, visiting the beaches of Amor, Minas, Simbaúma, Barra do Cunhaú, Baía Formosa, Cotia and Sagi (the last beach on the south coast of Rio Grande do Norte bordering the Paraíba), we continue our tour through trails, beaches and asphalt roads until we reach Cabedelo where we cross the mouth of the Paraíba River and then we continue to João Pessoa, check IN at the chosen hotel. Free night.

7th DAY: João Pessoa - Porto de Galinhas
We continue along roads bordering the Paraibano coast, knowing the beaches of Barra do Gramame, Jacumã, Carapibus, Tabatinga, Coqueirinhos, Tambaba and Barra do Garaú, then we follow the highway PB 044 and BR 101 towards the beach of Porto de Galinhas (PE) , check IN Hotel / hostel chosen. Free night.

8th DAY: Porto de Galinhas - Cabo de Santo Agostinho - Calhetas - Gaibu
Depart in the morning on an exciting buggy trip to the Cape of St. Augustine where we will visit the beaches of Calhetas, Pedra do Xareú and Gaibu. Beautiful landscapes, off road trails, historic walks and lots of culture are part of the region tour, return to Porto de Galinhas at the end of the day.

9th DAY: Porto de Galinhas
Free day to rest and enjoy the charms and wonders of Porto de Galinhas Beach.

10th DAY: Porto de Galinhas - Recife
Check out hotel and transfer to Recife International Airport, end of our services.

No package included

9 night stay with breakfast in apt. SINGLE, DOUBLE or TRIPLE according to the choice of comfortable lodgings in Fortaleza, Canoa Quebrada Beach, Galinhos Beach, Maracajau Beach, Pipa Beach, João Pessoa and Porto de Galinhas;

+ Transfer IN Fortaleza Airport / hotel;
+ Ecological walks through the Falesia Labyrinth in Morro Branco;
+ Catamaran tour in the Maracajaú parrachos;
+ Buggy ride through the dunes of Genipabu;
+ Visit to the world's largest cashew tree;
+ Buggy ride on the Cabo de Santo Agostinho;
+ Transfer OUT Porto de Galinhas / Recife Airport;
+ Full-time Travel Assistant / driver support;

Not Included in Package
- Lunches and dinners;
- Any possible personal expenses;
- Extra trips not described in the itinerary.

Other information:
Try to wear light and comfortable clothes, not forgetting the hat and the sun block;
In some parts of the off road trip the route can be made by secondary roads and asphalt;
Try to take your medicines, because in some places there are no pharmacies;
Always cooperate with the guide / driver following all directions;
Not recommended for people who have recently undergone surgery, who are incapacitating or extremely allergic to insects and food;

Programming subject to change without notice;

Take your time. The ride has its own rhythm. If you get anxious, wanting to experience everything at once, you will not be able to enjoy the trip. Be "spiritually and physically" prepared for unforeseen events that may occur.

Cancellation Policy and Returns
(in accordance with Normative Resolution No. 161 of August 9, 1985, of the Ministry of Tourism)

The percentage value to be refunded will be:
90% up to 31 days from the start of the trip;
80% from 21 to 30 days from the start of the trip;
0% to 80% less than 20 days from the start of the trip.